Kendall Jenner-inspired Chanel iPhone Case


Kendall Jenner white Chanel iPhone Case, Celebrities with designer phone iPhone cases

(Above) Screenshot from @kendallnjenner ‘s Instagram

Although I do like my black case better, Kendall Jenner’s white Chanel-inspired iPhone case looks really good on her…and 54,703 peopleChanel iPhone case in Black and Silver on Instagram agree. These cases are available on a lot of different online stores for all different prices. I got mine (black and silver, pictured on the right) during Spring Break in Miami and have barely taken it off since (I usually switch up my cases at least once a week). The quilted leather looks a lot more distinct and beautiful in the black in my opinion, but there are also a few different colors.

It’s a very cute and durable case. I recommend it!

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  • Reply July 14, 2012

    Leonard Marks

    great post

  • Reply July 18, 2012


    wow thts so cute.. where can i get one? how much was yours? i rlly want one lol

  • Reply July 24, 2012


    Is Kendall’s iphone case just a chanel inspired one (aka fake) or is it a genuine chanel case? just wondering. thanks!

    • Reply July 24, 2012


      No problem Nikki–hers is Chanel inspired as well! Chanel doesn’t make phone cases, they make leather pockets you slip your phone into.

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