Become Famous for…Shopping? YouTube Takes on Fashion

Thousands of people requesting for you to shop excessively on a weekly basis? Sign me up. Don’t know how many of you guys have heard of the newest trend on YouTube, but I’ll make it simple for you:  people are vlogging about their purchases and getting paid to recommend products to subscribers. Let’s break it down…

Haul videos: vlogging about recent purchases, often vloggers show outfits/do reviews of makeup

Tag videos: uploader writes ‘tags’ as search terms for each video so YouTubers can search by topic

What’s in My Purse videos: vloggers show the content of their (most likely designer) bags

Ok now that you got the terminology…you may have heard of Elle and Blair Fowler. They started off making videos reviewing makeup and giving their viewers video makeup application tutorials, and now they have thousands of viewers requesting videos of clothes they bought, tours of their rooms, what books they’re reading, even what kittens they have…? Anyway, point is they have their own accessory line and tons of product sponsorships (following FTC regulations, of course). They get paid by the video on YouTube. Most of their videos include at least 5 of the 10 minutes of rambling and they are kind of annoying, but you can’t stop watching. 70,000+ subscribers per sister. Crazy, right?

But the Fowler sisters are just the typical, front-running example. Meet Alex, aka HRHCollection, an up-and-coming fashion vlogger. She shops at H&M, Urban Outfitters, Forever21, etc and finds really good-looking clothes for low prices. I think she has really great ideas…and she has 30,000+ subscribers to attest to that if you don’t believe me, betch. Anyway, one year after uploading her first video to YouTube, she has her own jewelry line at I LOVE her pieces; I included a few pics in the pseudo-collage I made below of my favorite necklaces she sells.

Now maybe it was the unspeakable shopping addiction bond that makes her videos extremely interesting to me, but I know for a fact that I’m not the only one with that particular problem…yes I’m hinting that you most likely have that addiction, too…so I think you guys will love her as well. But seriously, it’s amazing how much you can get your product out there by combining tech savvy with fashion sense…and I’d say it’s about to be a lot more frequent for Summer/Fall 2011. HRH Collection is just one example of how technology is taking the new generation of small business owners to the next level. By having a following on YouTube, you can make some serious bank. Here’s the main rule for success in haul videos:

Chic Geek rule #4: Always give tips to your followers. Never brag. You’ll look stupid and super annoying.

I give HRH Collection a 10 stars out of 10 for great ideas, finds, tips, and for not being annoying at all! She seems super sweet and her jewelry is really pretty. Here’s one of her recent videos…her new obsession is nude outfits and colorful lips. And don’t you love her shorts?

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